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      Hydrogen Peroxide: What does it do?

      Hydrogen Peroxide: What does it do?

      Hydrogen Peroxide:
      The benefits to Health and the key ingredient in Prodentclean!

      Hydrogen Peroxide was first identified and isolated by the scientist Louis Jacques Thenard in
      1818. Since then, many benefits to “H2O2” have been identintied. We have concentrated on the
      disinfection properties with Prodentclean having these wonderful benefits of H2O2 built-in.
      It is worth mentioning some other uses of H2O2 in industry and nature. Interestingly, there is
      one creature that uses H2O2 as a defense. That is the Australian Bomdedier Beetle, who can
      mix some ingredients in its body that produce peroxide and then spray this onto offenders! But
      don’t worry, this is harmless to mammals (us) because we produce an enzyme in our cells
      called collase that breaks peroxide down. Peroxide is used also to bleach paper, hair, and
      propel rockets!
      Peroxide in high concentrations can be harmful to us and that is why we use a low
      concentration similar to the brown bottle you can buy at the store. Our key to success is
      combining peroxide with other ingredients, such as laundry detergent molecules.

      Important Facts About Cleaning Dentures

      Important Facts About Cleaning Dentures

      Dentures are a hefty investment. Keeping them clean is not just good for oral hygiene and overall health but it is also important to protect your investment. Improper care of dentures and partials can cause damage as well as the growth of harmful bacteria and organisms.

      Dentures and partials are porous despite looking solid. If you took a microscope to your dentures then you would see the pores. A simple toothbrush may not be enough in getting to the hiding spaces. Bacteria likes to live and multiply and will find ways to do so.

      The bacteria that continue to live on dentures and partials causes bad odors and bad breath. It’s important to clean dentures and partials properly that have grunge in order to keep the problem from occurring or getting worse.

      Research has shown that older patients have a higher count of bacteria and germs in their mouths. This is yet another concern that should be kept in mind. Did you know that the average full-mouth denture in the United States is 17.6 years old? That could be years of collection of germs and bacteria.

      Thorough daily cleaning with Prodenclean and routine professional follow-up can prolong the life and comfort of dentures and partials. The denture wearer experiences greater confidence, satisfaction, and pleasure, and produces more smiles and a healthier, happier life with dentures.

      Order Prodentclean today and protect your investment!

      Grungy buildup on an orthodontic retainer is very common

      Grungy buildup on an orthodontic retainer is very common

      Grungy buildup on an orthodontic retainer is very common. That buildup over time can cause discoloration, bad odors and lead to other more harmful consequences. These are reasons to clean your retainer on a regular basis. Many retainer cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can start to cause wear and tear on your very important, very expensive investment. So what’s a patient to do? Prodentclean cleans your retainer with natural empowered oxygen as well as other naturally occurring ingredients.

      Imagine, spraying or soaking your retainer for a few minutes and watching it begin to foam up while the grungy buildup begins to dissolve away. That’s how easy it is to clean your retainer with Prodentclean. Below are instructions with a spray top and a pour top. Order Prodentclean today and see how easy it is to keep your retainer clean with our safe Prodentclean cleansing rinse.

      Soak Directions:
      Place appliance in a container, add enough Prodentclean to cover appliance, then add equal parts water. Let device sit for 15 minutes, agitate or brush then rinse with water. Your device is ready to use.

      Spray Directions:
      Rinse device thoroughly in water. Spray generously with Prodentclean. Set aside for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water. Your device is ready to use.

      Watch our How To Videos on how to clean your rmouthguards.

      Cleaning Your Night Guard

      Cleaning Your Night Guard
      Make sure that your mouthguard is cleaned after every single use. Let me repeat that. Clean your night guard after every single use. You probably throw away your toothbrush every month or 2 but you don’t do that with a nightguard. You keep it for years sometimes 10 years or longer. What if you had to keep your toothbrush for 10 years?

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