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      Frequently Asked Questions


      1. Why do I need ProDent Clean?

      ProDent Clean is a must to safely and easily clean the yuck from your oral appliance. Cleaning must be done daily to maintain good oral hygiene, which is a key to a healthy mouth, teeth and overall health.

      1. ProDent Clean should be used on what oral appliances?

      ProDent Clean works effectively on all kinds or oral appliances, including retainers, clear orthodontic trays, sleep apnea devices and athletic mouth guards. It also cleans dentures and partial dentures- anything that goes in the mouth where buildup can occur, even toothbrushes.

      1. Will ProDent Clean damage my retainers, mouth guard or other devices?

      Independent lab testing has shown that ProDent Clean does not damage any of the common dental materials used in oral appliances. In fact, we have seen reversal of rust that may have accumulated on metal parts due to some special ingredients inside ProDent Clean. And it may delay discoloration of some plastics.

      1. How do I use ProDent Clean?

      There are two methods we recommend to use ProDent Clean: A daily spray and weekly soak. Daily, simply rinse your device with tap water and spray thoroughly with ProDent Clean. Weekly, to deep clean the device, pour equal amounts of ProDent Clean and tap water into a container to cover the oral device. For both methods, spray and soak, let the device stand for 15 minutes and then rinse. You can safely let your appliance stand for more than 15 minutes but by that time ProDent Clean will have done its job.

      1. What happens if I drink ProDent Clean?

      There are no harmful effects from putting ProDent Clean in your mouth or swallowing it. However, though it is safe and non-toxic, we do not recommend putting ProDent Clean directly into the mouth. ProDent Clean is designed to be used outside your mouth. We do recommend cleaning your toothbrush occasionally to reduce buildup that may be re-introduced at next brushing. After treating your oral appliance with ProDent Clean water rinsing is advised before using your appliance again.

      1. What is in ProDent Clean?

      ProDent Clean was formulated to be safe and effective by a dentist and co-inventor, Dr. Todd Morgan. There are no harsh chemicals. The chief ingredient is simply hydrogen peroxide, which has been used safely for generations and is known to kill bacteria and viruses. All we’ve done is to combine the perfect balance of hydrogen peroxide with other safe and effective ingredients to effectively breakdown the crud that builds up on oral appliances. We’ve also added a light, fresh scent using natural vanilla.

      1. Can I use straight Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my oral appliance?

      Absolutely not. Full strength or even diluted hydrogen peroxide will damage your oral appliance.


      For additional questions. Please email us at info@prodentclean.com